Lawns from Seed

Often a preferred option for large areas. We pride ourselves in producing beautiful level green lawns. We are specialists in seeded lawns and are fully equipped using Blec rake and Blec seeder machines. We take great care in the preparation of the soil including grading, rotavation, raking and removal of stones. We will select and use the best premium grass seed along with resin coated slow release fertilisers

Roll out Turf Lawns

We specialise in laying high quality roll out turf lawns. With our machines we will rotavate and prepare the ground. Supply and lay top quality roll out turf. This option is suitable for an instant result for a lush green lawn.

Lawn Rejuvenation

We can improve and rejuvenate an existing lawn by applying different treatments and machinery such as:
Scarifying: This removes moss and thatch from the lawn using a scarifying machine.
Aeration: Using a specialised machine called an aerator, it punches holes into lawn. This improves air and drainage of the soil improving the condition of overall the lawn health.
Moss Control: We apply the correct product suitable to treat the moss
Lawn Fertilization: We apply the correct lawn feeds and sprays to rejuvenate the lawn